The Symbolism Behind 4 Chinese Foods

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When you visit your local Sydney yum cha spot, how do you decide which dishes to order? Do you choose your all-time faves? Or do you perhaps select the most popular ones? Have you ever considered choosing ones that have significant meaning behind them? Due to China’s long history, a lot of Chinese food is loaded with symbols for prosperity, longevity, and good health, among other things. Here are a few mouth-watering and meaningful dishes at our Chatswood restaurant.

1. Noodles

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Besides being the most versatile Chinese food to cook with, noodles are also a symbol of longevity. The elongated shape of noodles is thought to be representative of a long, healthy life, and is the perfect dish to eat on your birthday! One of our favourite noodle dishes at our Chatswood restaurant is stir fried noodles with mixed seafood in XO sauce.

2. Dumplings

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Dumplings, put simply, are bundles of pure joy. Regardless of whether your go-to Sydney yum cha dumpling dish is prawn and chives, or mushrooms, you will still be consuming a food that is symbolic of prosperity. Their round and plump shape is thought to resemble the gold and silver ingots that were used as currency in Ancient China, so don’t be afraid to help yourself to a few more the next time you’re at our Chatswood restaurant.

3. Duck

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Arguably the most recognisable duck dish in Chinese food is Peking duck pancakes. This scrumptious dish is also a symbol of fertility in Chinese culture, making it a common sight at wedding banquets. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait to be invited to a wedding to have this delicious dish, as we serve it at dinners in our Chatswood restaurant.

4. Fish

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Fish is perhaps one of the most underappreciated ingredients in Chinese food, which is a shame, as it is a symbol of prosperity. The Chinese word for ‘fish’ also sounds similar to the word for ‘plentiful’ or ‘surplus’. Thus, when eaten at celebratory events, fish is representative of wishing for an abundance of wealth upon your guests and yourself. If you’re looking for a fish dish at a Sydney yum cha spot, give our salt and pepper white bait a try!